Adelaide ‘Australia’s first 10 gigabit city’

The City of Adelaide has become Australia’s first 10 gigabit city, with 1000 buildings now connected to one of the world’s fastest fibre optic networks.

The project dates back to 2018, when Adelaide partnered with TPG Telecom to install and operate the network and provide high-performance services for the city’s businesses.

“The landmark project – the first of its kind in Australia – represents a significant strategic commitment by the City of Adelaide to provide our city businesses with world-class digital infrastructure that will help create jobs and boost our economy,” Adelaide Lord Mayor Sandy Verschoor said.

“The network is a great asset for local business – as hundreds have already discovered – and is a compelling factor to attract business from interstate or from around the globe.”

TPG Telecom’s General Manager for Enterprise and Government Nick Pachos said the network build involved 82 kilometres of cable, 26,000 spliced fibres, 431 new joints and eight high-density 10g core sites.

He said the project meant Adelaide city businesses can now move into the fast lane.

“Adelaide is now one of the fastest connected cities in the world, and we delivered this significant construction project on time and on budget,” he said.

“What this does is allow businesses to embrace cloud technology or move major large files such as videos, and lab content for example, within Adelaide and globally.

“This is a cheap product, and provides businesses more than enough bandwidth for what they require. This will give them opportunities they may have not otherwise have had.”

He added TPG was talking to other cities about potentially rolling out similar projects elsewhere.

Adelaide ‘Australia’s first 10 gigabit city’ by David Swan originally seen in The Australian, 20 October 2020. Licensed by Copyright Agency. You may only copy or communicate this work with a licence.