Adelaide-based AI-Lab’s artificial intelligence expertise in international demand

AiLab (Artificial Intelligence Laboratory), co-founded by Dr. John Flackett and Emma Berry, has been championing global collaboration to further artificial intelligence awareness and ethical development of AI solutions since its inception in 2018. AiLab helps organisations, government and community understand and transition into AI driven systems; providing accessible education and support to help people navigate the AI landscape.

After creating a successful business and building a highly engaged local community through sold-out events as part of the Adelaide Artificial Intelligence Meetup Event Series, AiLab will be extending its expertise internationally through a partnership with Auckland University of Technology (AUT).

"It's a great feeling to know that our work with AiLab has been recognised internationally. We've managed to build a fantastic and enthusiastic AI community over the last few years and the City of Adelaide have helped us bring world-class AI events to the heart of the CBD,” said Dr. Flackett.

The University, which is ranked amongst the top one per cent of universities worldwide, has engaged AiLab to launch an Artificial Intelligence Laboratory which will develop both industry and community-focused outcomes. The new Laboratory will play a pivotal role in providing AI education and promoting knowledge engineering technologies not just across faculties at the university but also through commercial partners and industry networks. Dr. Flackett will establish the Laboratory as the AI Specialist in Residence and AI Ambassador, capitalising on his extensive experience of industry engagement and empowering businesses’ use of AI for automation, predicting customer needs, enhancing security and improving investment.

“We're excited to have the opportunity to not only expand AiLab into New Zealand (with the support of AUT), but also spread the word about how Adelaide, as a high-speed inter-connected city, utilises technology to support the growth of businesses of all sizes."

Dr. Flackett and Emma identified Adelaide as an ideal base for AiLab headquarters due to the engrained culture of innovation, revolutionary infrastructure such as Ten Gigabit Adelaide and the availability of a highly skilled and specialised talent pool. The existing strong innovation ecosystem has been amplified by the grown of Lot Fourteen, Australia’s first innovation neighbourhood, which houses the Australian Institute for Machine Learning (AIML) – a partner of AiLab. The AIML is recognised as one of the world’s leading research groups in artificial intelligence, computer vision and machine learning, and has partnered with Lockheed Martin, the world’s largest aerospace company who will base a team of researchers at Lot Fourteen.