Forme Projex’s sixth Hurtle Sq apartment complex up for approval

A seven-storey residential and commercial building has been proposed for the city’s southeastern corner, forming part of a developer’s plan to create a “streetwall” of apartments around Hurtle Square.

Adelaide City Council’s Assessment Panel will on Monday night decide whether stage six of the Hurtle&Co. development should go ahead.

Developer Forme Projex’s plans for the $7.6m building include a ground floor office tenancy, four studio apartments, 12 one-bedroom apartments and 16 two-bedroom apartments.

There would be 17 and 40 car and bicycle parks respectively in the complex that stands 21.99m tall.

Forme Projex director Andrew Hudson said the building, at 62-66 Hurtle Sq, would contribute to a “consistent streetwall” of the company’s apartments in the area, without compromising amenity.

“We were concerned that if we did not secure all the developable sites (around Hurtle Sq), someone might come in and convince the government building authority to let them build a tower,” Mr Hudson said.

“Our philosophy is not to build towers … our market likes the lower rise environment where you can walk out on your balcony, see the ground and not get vertigo.”

Plans for the first stage in the entire development were lodged in 2014.

Forme Projex received approval for five buildings, all between seven and nine stories, around the square.

Stage one, at the corner of Hurtle Sq and Carrington St, and stage two, at Hurtle Sq and Pope St, have been completed

Stage three and four, at the corner of Hurtle Sq and Halifax St and Hurtle Sq and Pope St respectively, are under construction.

Hurtle square apartments

Construction of the fifth building, on the corner of Pulteney St, is “commencing soon”.

Combined, all the buildings are worth at least $34.58m, according to the council’s development register.

“This particular building (that is set to be approved) has been designed to present to the square in quite a friendly manner and not be too blocky or black and white,” Mr Hudson said

“We think it will make a positive contribution to the square.”

Should the developer secure approval for this development, construction would start late next year and create a “couple of hundred” jobs, Mr Hudson says.

The application will be accessed on Monday night.

Forme Projex’s sixth Hurtle Sq apartment complex up for approval by Celeste Villani originally seen in The Advertiser, 23 August 2020. 
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