IBM names OutThought’s Lisa Bouari an AI global leader

The co-founder of an Adelaide-based tech start-up has been included on a prestigious list of global leaders in artificial intelligence.

Lisa Bouari, co-founder and executive director of OutThought, is one of three Australians to make IBM’s annual Women Leaders in AI awards.

Based at Lot Fourteen, OutThought develops the technology behind virtual assistants and other AI-backed platforms, working with clients including the Port Adelaide Football Club, MyBudget and the University of South Australia.

Ms Bouari said Adelaide was home to one of the most “progressive tech hubs” in the country, supporting a number of “world-first solutions with our customers”.

“We built the first virtual health coach with the University of South Australia, which proved that virtual assistant technology can facilitate improved health and physical activity, while reducing risk factors for cardiovascular disease including blood pressure and body weight,” she said.

“We have done some groundbreaking work in the child protection domain with the State Government using natural language processing technology.

“And we are starting the second phase of an exciting new project with a South Australian mining company where we have been helping them to structure their masses of unstructured data to glean new insights for decision making on the ground.”

IBM recognised 33 women from 13 countries in this year’s list, with winners selected based on the innovation, results, and impact of their use cases.

A recent global study of more than 3200 AI professionals found women were nearly five times as likely as men to say their career advancement was negatively impacted by their gender

Ms Bouari said women brought a different perspective to the table.

“In many of the projects I’ve undertaken, a general observation would be that women seem to focus more on the outcomes of an AI solution for users, and its ability to genuinely help and create useful outcomes for them,” she said.

IBM names OutThought’s Lisa Bouari an AI global leader by Giuseppe Tauriello originally seen on The Advertiser 18 May 2020.

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