Local businesses look to future growth with Ten Gigabit Adelaide

Local fund managers, Keystone Capital, and debt finance intermediary Capital United, recently made the switch to the Ten Gigabit Adelaide network, Adelaide’s revolutionary high-speed data network.

As a licensed fund manager, Keystone Capital specialises in the origination and management of loans secured by mortgages over real property assets across Australia. Capital United provides financial intermediary services to its clients nationwide, committed to negotiating optimal rates, loan structures and terms and conditions.

Both businesses operate from their Flinders Street office and are constantly communicating with their Sydney office to support their clients. Recently adopting a cloud-based platform, it’s imperative that both offices work from data and documents that are live and up to date.

“We were looking for something that could give us speed, reliability and minimal downtime with the server and certainly Ten Gigabit Adelaide offered that and has exceeded our expectations,” says Tom Waltham, Director.

“Previously we were running off an ADSL service and the download time was 23Mbps and 1Mbps on upload, so the speed change has just been fantastic.”

Ten Gigabit Adelaide provides secure, reliable and symmetrical 10Gbps data speeds. It offers local businesses an advantage over their competitors nationwide and opens them to a wide range of future opportunities.

“As the businesses continue to grow we will be able to offer market leading IT capabilities, and we’ll be able to continue to compete more efficiently and effectively with the ever-increasing online and digital platform requirements that the businesses have,” says Mr Waltham.

Tom waltham

Tom Waltham, Director, Keystone Capital and Capital United

“That’s why we chose Ten Gigabit Adelaide which has been absolutely fantastic for our business.”

The City of Adelaide has partnered with TPG Telecom as the Official Network Partner to deliver and install the Ten Gigabit Adelaide network. Learn more about the project and the rollout plan.