Nathan Bakes owner Nathan Schubert-Jones’ determination to bring Artisan treats to CBD streets

After a record number of nominations, the #MyAdelaide City Award finalists have been announced, and Nathan Schubert-Jones is among the nominees. Find out his recipe to success and how you can vote for your favourite business.

Pastry chef and Nathan Bakes owner Nathan Schubert-Jones says there are three elements to making a perfectly decorated cake.

You start with the icing, create a central focal point, add some sort of sprinkle and, only then, are you left with a delicious work of art.

His determination to create pretty gluten and dairy free treats scored him a place as a finalist in the Artisan Award section of the #MyAdelaide City Awards – a joint initiative between The Messenger and Adelaide City Council.

“I try to put some three main elements on a cupcake – a few more looks overcrowded and less than looks unfinished,” Mr Schubert-Jones, 33, says.

Nathan bakes cupcakes

“We pride ourselves on making things that are just as good if not better than normal counterparts.”

Nathan Bakes, on Grenfell St, opened in April last year after Mr Schubert-Jones noticed a gap in the market for vegan and gluten free cakes.

While Mr Schubert-Jones has no allergies himself, he knew people that did and thought they should not have to miss out on tasty treats.

“As I got older there was that bunch of friends who had allergies, chose not to eat dairy, were vegan or what have you and I thought it was unfair that for those reasons they couldn’t have the same memories,” Mr Schubert-Jones says.

“I don’t think anyone should have to have bad food because they have allergies or dietary choices – that doesn’t seem fair to me.”

Adelaide Lord Mayor Sandy Verschoor congratulated all the finalists, particularly those in the Artisan category.

“Running an artisan business and creating unique handcrafted items requires a high level of skill and this should be recognised and rewarded,” she says.

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Nathan Bakes owner Nathan Schubert-Jones’ determination to bring Artisan treats to CBD streets by Celeste Villani originally seen in The Advertiser, 8 September 2020. Licensed by Copyright Agency. You may only copy or communicate this work with a licence.